WORKATION© is an app that makes it easy to find a place to meet or work on-the-fly and a powerful solution for turning your unused space into real money!

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Want to turn your unused office space into money?
List it as a WORKATION© station.

Sign up is free!

Want to turn your unused office space into real money? Whilst WORKATION© is getting ready to launch in your area soon, we want to give you the opportunity to list your space as a WORKATION© Station first and receive these exclusive privileges* (never to be repeated post launch):

  • 1 Year's Free Listing;
  • A free featured listing within the WORKATION© Mobile Application (upon launch);
  • Exclusive launch updates and access to WORKATION© launch events in your area.
  • A chance to win R10 000 towards upgrading your WORKATION© Station with Smart Access Technology for referring other Hosts using your unique code.
By completing the quiz after you sign up, you will get an additional chance to win R10 000 towards upgrading your WORKATION© Station.

Having a location-based job was a by-product of the industrial revolution. We went to the same place every day, did our work and went home.

But the world has changed

We travel more, are exceptionally connected and many of us never completely “clock out”, so working on-the-fly is a natural progression.

Today’s tech means that most people can work from anywhere – and the amount of people becoming digitally nomadic is growing. In 2016, 43% of Americans worked remotely1, and it’s estimated that 70% of UK employers will adopt agile work policies by 20202.

1. Gallup. State of the American Workplace
2. The Work Foundation. Working Anywhere A Formula For Good Work

Introducing WORKATION©

An app that makes it convenient to find workspaces on-the-fly, and a powerful solution that turns unused space into money.

This proudly South African idea has global scalability as a priority, as we pioneer a new way to disconnect work from location. The app will be launched first in South Africa, rapidly followed by territories such as USA, Korea and Japan.

Essentially, WORKATION© uses tech to empower people to spend their time working on their own terms. Working on-the-fly isn’t something new - the concept simply leverages an existing, growing behavior by giving users the exact spaces they need – whenever and wherever they need them. WORKATION© is built on providing contextually relevant convenience.

WORKATION© revolves around Nomads and Hosts


Nomads are people who work, meet or present on-the-fly.

Hosts are property owners who make idle spaces highly profitable by turning them into WORKATION© Stations.

Here's how it works


Step 1

A Nomad sets search parameters (location, price, workspace type, facilities etc.) and browses through contextually-relevant WORKATION© Station listings.

Step 2

Upon finding a WORKATION© Station that suits their needs, they request it and await a “Handshake” (i.e. the Host’s acceptance of the Nomad’s request).

Step 3

The Nomad arrives at the WORKATION© Station, uses it to work, meet or present, and leaves. Both parties provide reviews and ratings and payment is cashless.

WORKATION© leverages partnerships to capitalize on its community and data.



are able to advertise using contextually-relevant communications. For example, a food delivery business could market food platters to a Nomad who books a boardroom for a workshop.

PowerUp Partners

provide added value infrastructure to the WORKATION© ecosystem, with services and tech (like WiFi or IoT technology).

WORKATION© at a glance.
Ecosystem elements

The 6 D’s of exponential technology are in the DNA of the WORKATION© concept


WORKATION© is a contextually relevant and convenient omnichannel solution that is easy to access and use anywhere, any time, on-the-fly!


Think big, start small. WORKATION© will launch in South Africa and then exponentially conquer the world (and subsequent worlds to follow).


WORKATION© will outperform traditional work spaces in effectiveness, efficiency and cost in addition to providing nomads with contextually relevant and convenient spaces to meet and work on-the-fly!


WORKATION© will offer traditional work spaces, value added service providers and marketers with new exponential revenue opportunities to replace tired traditional income streams.


WORKATION© will become the principal global community of nomads, hosts, value added service providers and marketers … Without owning a single piece of property.


WORKATION© is an easy-accessible global inclusion solution. Anyone from the lone wolf freelancer to the owner of a massive corporation has a place within the WORKATION© Multiverse.

Here’s why working wirelessly is a growing movement3
3 Workplace Global Analytics

It saves employers money

60% of employers found that allowing remote work had noticeable cost saving benefits

It makes us happy

36% would choose to work remotely over a pay raise.

It provides opportunity

Cutting out commuting issues means jobs are available to a broader range of people.

It decreases the amount of sick days taken

78% of sick days are taken due to personal matters and stress – which are less problematic with offsite working.

It’s green

Working offsite means less commuting, which has significant environmental benefits.

It increases productivity

Businesses lose billions to workplace distractions every year, whereas remote workers are reported to be up to 40% more productive.

The team behind its development is the very same group of people who’s been at the front lines of South African digital and mobile innovation for more than 20 years. WORKATION© is where they’re setting their sights, continuing the tradition of SA’s iconic innovators like Elon Musk and Mark Shuttleworth.

The core team behind the WORKATION© app


Wayne Levine

Action orientated entrepreneur and innovator with 27 years’ experience.

Wayne’s passion for the technology/online/digital industry dates, back to 1997 when he started his first web design incubator company. Before co-founding NXT\ Digital Innovation as Chief Executive Officer, he held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Director for iTouch SA. During his tenure, he initiated a protection portal called Mobisafe, which offers a reliable means of protection for electronic identities.

He also played a pivotal role in developing a clear iTouch company strategy and it was here that he aggregated a wide and deep knowledge base of the Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) value chain. He has been actively involved in the Mobile and WASP industry and has served on Wireless Application Service Provider Association’s (WASPA’s) Mancom and Codecom. He also participated in the drafting of the original WASP Code of Conduct, as well as the deployment of online advertising guidelines.

David Oosthuizen

Solutions strategist, analyst and architect with 19 years’ experience.

David is a long-standing pioneer in the fields of mobile value-added services, content generation and omnichannel touchpoint engagement, a trait that catapulted him to the position of Chief Operation Officer at eXactmobile and NOKIA SA.

As Chief Innovations Officer at NXT\ Digital Innovation, charged with bringing to life all the concepts and models developed by the award-winning digital company, which he also co-founded. He was instrumental in the development of the many solutions that garnered the company to prominence through numerous awards, including the Vodacom Best Innovation Award in 2008 and runner up the year after.

Eunene Levine

Dynamic generalist with 22 years’ experience.

Eunene has a passion for all things digital with extensive experience in the Mobile Telecommunications and Wireless Application Service Provider, as well as online and digital industries. She has extensive experience in operations re-alignment with a positive contribution towards revenue, profit and growth strategies in start-up, turnaround and rapid changing environments.

Prior to re-joining NXT\ Digital Innovation, which she co-founded, as Managing Director, Eunene worked for the TBWA\ group in South Africa where she launched and managed DAN (Digital Arts Network). She assisted with the building of digital capability for the Network across 21 offices on the African continent.

Wayne Kruger

Enterprise architect with 16 years’ experience.

Prior to joining NXT\ Digital Innovation, Wayne worked as Software Developer at eXactmobile and was a leading Software Architect for one of South Africa’s leading banks.

As Head of Development at NXT\ Wayne manages a team of developers building applications and websites across a broad spectrum of technologies.


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